About RongCan

RongCan Biotech focuses on the development and industrialization of nucleic acid-based therapeutics, striving to become a whole-industry-chain company that covers  from mRNA sequential design and synthesis, and LNP-based delivery systems to finished mRNA-based pharmaceutical products. As one of the few domestic R & D enterprises with special emphasis on innovative nucleic acid-based medicines, we have created proprietary RNA-based Therapeutic Platform (RTP) for development of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics to address unmet medical needs. 

Technical Platform and Pipeline

Pipeline Overview
Based on the proprietary RNA-based Therapeutic Platform (RTP), RongCan Biotech aims to develop innovative nucleic acid-based medicines which demonstrate great promise in the prevention and treatment of human diseases by regulating target gene expression and protein function. RongCan owns independent intellectual property with respect to the world's leading nucleic acid delivery technical platform.

Single-stranded RNA, which is synthesized from a DNA template using the in vitro transcription (IVT) approach, carries with genetic information and guides protein synthesis.

Mechanism of Action:
The mRNA encoding for specific antigens is delivered into the immune cells and mediates the production of antigens, which activate the immune system and induce a specific immune response.

Cooperation with Partners

Cooperation with Partners

Product Development Cooperation

Currently, RongCan Biotech has established
partnerships with several domestic well-known
enterprises to advance the developments of
mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics.