Focusing on the development and industrialization of nucleic acid medicines
Focusing on the development and industrialization of nucleic acid medicines
Possesses a proprietary RNA-based Therapeutic Platform (RTP) independently developed for nucleic acid medicines

Technical Platform

Based on the proprietary RNA-based Therapeutic Platform (RTP), RongCan Biotech aims to develop innovative nucleic acid-based medicines which demonstrate great promise in the prevention and treatment of human diseases by regulating target gene expression and protein function. RongCan owns independent intellectual property with respect to the world's leading nucleic acid delivery technical platform.

- mRNA -

Single-stranded RNA, which is synthesized from a DNA template using the in vitro transcription (IVT) approach, carries with genetic information and guides protein synthesis.

Mechanism of Action:
The mRNA encoding for specific antigens is delivered into the immune cells and mediates the production of antigens, which activate the immune system and induce a specific immune response.

Advantages of mRNA MedicinesA

1.mRNAs only need to enter the cytoplasm rather than the nucleus for transient translation, which reduces the risk of insertional mutagenesis and lowers the cellular barriers for functional delivery.
2.Enables rapid drug development and quickly responds to newly emerging pathogens.
3.Can be manufactured through a scale-up, low-cost and completely synthetic process which can be easily engineered to produce different therapeutic mRNA-loaded LNPs.
4.A therapeutic mRNA can be rationally designed to encode multiple proteins.

Learn About Our Unique Advantages

1.Our R & D team has created proprietary ionizable lipid-like compound libraries based on which LNP-based mRNA delivery systems with independent intellectual property have been developed. 
2.The developed LNP carriers allow for an efficient and targeted delivery of mRNA therapeutics to the organs of interest, such as the lungs, livers and injured vascular wall. 
3.Cell and animal studies have demonstrated their excellent biocompatibility, suggesting that they are safe for potential clinical use. SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine developed based on RongCan Biotech’s proprietary LNP technology induced potent in vivo protective immune response.